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NEATLINGS (The Best Customizable Chore Chart For Kids) GIVEAWAY! So today I was writing up my review for the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle (going on now through May 6), and there’s a printable chore chart included. It was a nice chore chart and I liked it, but it made me think about my own chore chart that I use in my own family, called the NEATLINGS Chore Chart. And that I really should tell more people about it, because it truly is awesome and the best customizable chore chart for kids I’ve found out there.

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I discovered the chart system on Amazon a few years back. It looked awesome, but it was also expensive, and so I hesitated to buy it at first. But I eventually caved and I’m really glad I did. Yes, I bought this with my own money. This review is not sponsored (other than them providing the giveaway product). All words and opinions are my own. 😀

What I like the most about this Neatlings customizable chore chart system is two-fold:

a) That I don’t have to print anything our or assemble it on my own. Look, I love DIY projects, but that’s kind of my downfall…I spend waaaaay too much time planning and not enough time doing. Sometimes, even though it’s more expensive, I really just need to take the easier way and buy things ready-made. This was one of those cases.

b) It’s fully customizable. I mean, totally customizble. Want to set up your chore system by day? Week? Something else? Want to make chores required? Optional? A mixture of both? Have 1 kid? Have 4? You can make this chart work for any family, with any routine/structure. 

Other cool aspects of the NEATLINGS Customizable Chore Chart System:

  •  You can set which chores are expectations without reward, and which earn a reward. 
  • You can set your own rewards, whether that be money/allowance, screen time, or points toward a “family store” purchase. 
  • You have the flexibility to change things up whenever you want. One system or routine not working for you or your kids? Switch it up! The chore chart setups are endless.

How do we use the NEATLINGS chore chart in our house?

First Note: This is not the first iteration of our chore chart, nor will it be the last. But it’s the way I’ve most recently set it up and am testing it out.
Second note: YOU do not have to make yours as complex as mine is. I’m weird, I like this structure, but I also don’t know how long well keep this way up and I may switch it up to something that works better later. We’ll see. Life is always changing. 

There’s two sections to my chart: Daily and Weekly. I also bought an add-on pack in order to make this chart the size I wanted and with the card colors my kids requested (I’m a sucker I know, but if it gets them to do their chores then….) 

The Daily section is things that have to do each day. I broke it up into Morning, Afternoon, and Evening duties. These include the mundane tasks such as: brush your teeth, put your dirty clothes in the hamper, and clean up your plate. Because my kids apparently need these reminders every single freaking day. Grr. 

The Weekly section is where they can earn tickets. If there’s something that has to be done, like “Clean Your Room”, I’ll put that card on that day. If there’s something that they want to do extra for tickets, they can put their card into that day once they’ve completed it. I do it this way so that I’ll know how many tickets to disperse at the end of each day and what chores they’ve completed. 

But again, there are soooo many ways that you set this NEATLINGS chore chart up for your family. 

So….back to my story: While I was reviewing the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle and thinking about my NEATLINGS chore chart, I had a bright idea – I should do a flash giveaway! And, knowing me, I cold emailed the owner of NEATLINGS and asked if they wanted to do a giveaway with me, um, like today. They said yes! How awesome is that!

Here’s the giveaway deets:
Prize: NEATLINGS Customizable Chore Chart System for 1-3 Kids, $68 Value
Thurs. May 2nd – Sun. May 5th

Ends: 5/5/19 11:59pm Pacific
Eligibility: Continental U.S., Must be 18yrs+
How To Enter:

NEATLINGS Customizable Chore Chart, $68 value!


And if you’re looking for a great deal on Parenting/Homemaking resources, the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle sale is going on now! $29.97 for $2,294 worth of stuff! You can check it out below…or read my review of the bundle HERE.



7 comments on “NEATLINGS (The Best Customizable Chore Chart For Kids) GIVEAWAY!”

  1. I’m trying to enter your contest for the neatlings but I do not see the form at the bottom of your post. Thank you!

  2. I loved your post about the Neatlings chore chart/system. It looks and sounds amazing. I like how it is interactive.

  3. I have been looking at the Neatlings chore chart system for a while now. But I am unable to afford the cost. So happy to see a giveaway. Thanks so much for the opportunity!!

  4. I have been looking for a chore chart for my 4 year old. I can’t seem to keep her interested in helping at all! I will check this out for sure!

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